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Phoebe Bridgers hasn’t forgotten you with “Motion Sickness”

Music connects on a such a deeper level when it seems more as a personal letter that we have somehow obtained. A little musical voyeurism. Though in Phoebe Bridger’s latest track off her forthcoming LP Stranger In The Alps, the alt-country, genre bending songwriter delivers A blissfully beautiful song with “Motion Sickness”, cradled with some of the most blunt and transparent lyrics that’s offered in modern music. Coming off of success from previously released singles and live performances, it’s of no surprise to see this level of confidence and sincerity coming from Bridgers, even drawing the attention of musician Conor Oberst (of solo and Bright Eyes fame) for collaboration on the new album.

There’s enough twangy guitar and rising notes riding in backseat of “Motion Sickness” to show off the clear folk influence, combined with elements of indie rock and shoegaze that mix together on Bridgers palette. While often somber, there are dashes of offbeat humor thrown in with lines like, “Why do you always sing in an English accent?” The chorus is intristically catchy as it never does get weighted down by the emotion that it seeks to evoke but instead rising through it all, shattering the melodrama with a pulsing guitar that wavers like a cut of sheet metal. Her style is fresh and self aware, with its Dinosaur Jr. inspired rhythms tied together with a Weepies-esque tone to make for a debut that is sure to be remembered.

Stranger In The Alps is due out on 09/22 from Dead Ocean and is available for pre-order here.


Deer Tick tease two new albums with “Jumpstarting”

Few bands have the capability to create songs about life’s personal demons and actually be able to manifest them throughout the record, expressing them in a way to where there are almost normalized. Continue reading Deer Tick tease two new albums with “Jumpstarting”