Edgelarks cross every border with “No Victory”

Transcending through multiple musical and cultural stylings, award winning duo Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin return with a new group built upon embracing the idea of crossroads and boundaries. The music acts that way itself, placing the listener within a transitional space that allows societal influence to act as a series of winds that make their appearance across the track. The amount and variety of instruments that are set to be featured on this record is jaw-dropping, with viola, Dobro, shruti box, and tabla being among those used. In preparation for the release they have debuted the first single “No Victory”, resulting in a rich and triumphant piece of music.

What’s incredible about this track is the way in which they are able to utilize these various instruments and sounds without it coming through as incoherent. The base melody has a Celtic vibe that help spotlight Martin’s vocals and allow for some beautiful harmonies towards the end of the track. There’s a larger sound here overall, especially with the addition of the synthesized drum tracks, giving yet another layer of diversity but keeping it to such a level of sincerity that it doesn’t come off pretentious at all.

Edgelarks is due out 10/06 and is available for pre-order here.



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