Lost Horizons release new single “Frenzy, Fear”

After releasing one of the greatest tracks of the year, the duo Lost Horizons release “Frenzy, Fear” featuring Ed Riman of Hilang Child fame, delivering an experience that is vastly different from “The Places We’ve Been” and offers more insight into the debut LP. Consisting of Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins) and Richie Thomas (Cocteau Twins, Jesus & Mary Chain), the record is set to feature an orchestral combination of guest lending their talents and, if these two singles have been anything to prove, helping to craft an eclectic and masterful piece of work.

The obvious thing to note is the barren nature of the track, relying on simply piano and Riman’s voice to carry us through. I cannot properly express the scope of what has been done here because it is nothing short of beautiful. The way in which so much is able to be done with just these two components, sometimes even Riman simply humming, continues to show how a stripped performance can sometime speak the loudest. The contrast between the vocals and the notes being played is stark, with Riman coming off almost otherworldly despite the somber tone that is present. His performance does definitely trail on the end of melancholy, but mostly acts a beacon of light near the end of a long alley choked with darkness.

Ojalá is due out on 09/03 from Bella Union and is available for pre-order here.


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