Wolves in the Throne Room tease upcoming LP with blistering new track

Continuing to not just blur but completely sever the line between atmosphere and crushing black metal, Washington’s Wolves in the Throne Room are back with an upcoming LP titled Thrice Woven. With a slew of magnificent guest appearances, the group intends to grow the dominance they’ve held over modern metal on the new record, teasing it with the first single “Born From The Serpent’s Eye”. In this nearly ten-minute long track, WITTR craft a scene of unbridled evil, their omniscient hands pounding at the forges of their music while not ignoring the seamless flow of their rhythm. The ambient elements that were woven into their previous release aren’t really present here, appearing briefly in the background to act as a whetstone for the overall feel of the track. Nathan Weaver’s vocals still rival all those that are considered historical in black metal and new official member Kody Keyworth brings the intensity of their live performances to the studio.

Luring us in with a graceful acoustic performance, the band sends hellfire from the skies with the force of blastbeats and tremolo picking. But the medieval folk beginning isn’t just filler, as everything that follows is an extension of the path it created, right until they unleash a scorchingly metallic riff that would make Gorgoroth’s corpse paint turn green. There is a moment of respite halfway through in the form of a gorgeous tapestry woven by Anna Von Hausswolff’s vocal performance, adding a skeletal layer of serenity that makes the moment when the band boulders back in that much more sweet. I’m hesitant to say that this is classic Wolves in the Throne Room because that wouldn’t be true, it’s merely a reminder of their level of expertise with huge amounts of grandiose thrown in.

Thrice Woven is due out on 09/22 from Artemisia Records and is available for pre-order here.


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