Deerhoof continues to amaze with “Your Dystopic Creation Doesn’t Fear You”

It seems like just earlier this week that I was listening to a new Deerhoof single and feeling my heart race with excitement. Well now I’ve had to schedule an appointment with my cardiologist because they’ve released yet another new track from their upcoming record Mountain Moves, this one being a part of the Adult Swim Singles program. Considering the bands discography, you’re not going to know exactly what direction they will take with this one and that is something that is like finding a prized jewel in the music realm. Collaborating with New York rapper Awkwafina (with whom they have worked with in the past) “Your Dystopic Creation Doesn’t Fear You” creates an amalgamation of sound that is keeping with the socially conscious mindset that they’ve continued to uphold, taking special care to incorporate their views into the music without seeming heavy handed. A lot of other musicians should take note.

There’s such incredible layering that is present here in terms of genre direction that if it came from anyone else it would seem like garbled noise. Lining the main rhythm with a disco-era vibe that teases with the blues, the track opens with an aggression fueled verse from Awkwafina over a lead that manages to channel funk while seeming hauntingly dark at the same time. Matsuzaki brings things to a lighter tone in the chorus with its delicious pop melody while singing how she’s been in a “special someone’s” cage, the guitar breaking through with a short riff that absolutely shines. This is not necessarily something that everyone should listen to, but instead something everybody must listen to. And then buy all of Deerhoof’s back catalog once you’re done if you are somehow not aware of one of the greatest bands around today.

Mountain Moves is due out on 09/08 from Joyful Noise and is available for pre-order here.


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