Track by Track 3: Seer – “They Used Dark Forces”

Channeling a force of unmatched destruction, Vancouver’s Seer project us onto an ice encrusted wasteland with “They Used Dark Forces” off their latest record, Vol. III & IV: Cult of the Void. Pulling their sound primarily from the thick sludge of doom metal, Seer take the time to clear off any of the excess in order to prime it with a veneer of polished folk and black metal styling. They manage to harness the weight of artists such as Sunn O))) but straying away from the fields of atmospheric drone. There are thin layers of it throughout that track that sharpen the ambivalence that is present here, while maintaining the structure of a classical piece of music. Yet this is far from a classic sound, as noise and distortion spread across the song like a flurry of snow, enhancing the image that they’ve taken painstaking detail to craft.

The first thing that we’re met with is a short segment of isolated guitar, displaying the main riff in which everything is to build around, before the sky cracks open and releases wave after wave of wall-shuddering bass. It’s a joy to listen to, the immeasurable heaviness that they are able to create coupled with one of the most expansive vocal performances found in modern doom metal. It seems to personify not so much the rift walker in which the track describes, but more so the “dark forces” that make up the title, later rising into black metal shrieks over the crash of cymbals. There is so much to sift through in this one, from the ambience to the almost blues-inspired riffs that come along halfway through the 9-minute runtime, all of it finally fading to a windswept hum as it comes to an end.

Vol. III & VI: Cult of the Void is out now and available for purchase here.


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