Dig a little deeper and find the Genuine. 

Hailing from Winston-Salem, The Genuine is a three-piece folk outfit that manages to keep their music familiar yet taking great steps that follows their own cadence. “Howl” is a single that was released this year, preceded only by their 2013 debut Blooms and the EP Our Woodgrain Hearts. The song features a feeling of warmth that is common in modern folk, however the addition of Charles Shafer’s haunting style on the fiddle really sends this to new territories.
What keeps the Genuine ahead of those in the same field (or, more appropriately, meadow) is the vocal harmonies between husband and wife Matthew and Katelyn Allivato. There is something so otherworldly of not only their obvious chemistry, but the way in which their voices float above them and become entwined, guiding the music along its path. Devin Forkel’s use of brushes along the cymbals create these peak moments throughout the song, letting your heart swell once he moves over to the snare. The most subtle aspect would be Katelyn’s work on the keyboard, adding a quiet touch that may seem to become overshadowed at times, yet if you were to remove it then the song would lose a light air that helps round it all out. And as much as I’m trying to highlight as many aspects to “Howl” as I can, I’m having difficulty moving past the harmonies. They are so rich and impressive that when the two pull off their “howls” it will leave you breathless and wanting more. This is a group that you should watch closely over the coming months and years. I know I will be.

The Genuine’s debut album Bloom can be purchased in digital form from their Bandcamp.

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