Edgelarks cross every border with “No Victory”

Transcending through multiple musical and cultural stylings, award winning duo Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin return with a new group built upon embracing the idea of crossroads and boundaries. Continue reading Edgelarks cross every border with “No Victory”


Giant Claw tap into a different layer of sound with “Soft Channel”

With an experimental record, it’s usually best to consume it from beginning to end, gorging yourself on the mechanics of the artist’s mind that being fed to you with each track. Continue reading Giant Claw tap into a different layer of sound with “Soft Channel”

Lost Horizons release new single “Frenzy, Fear”

After releasing one of the greatest tracks of the year, the duo Lost Horizons release “Frenzy, Fear” featuring Ed Riman of Hilang Child fame, delivering an experience that is vastly different from “The Places We’ve Been” and offers more insight into the debut LP. Continue reading Lost Horizons release new single “Frenzy, Fear”

Skinny Pelembe teases upcoming EP with “Should You Go”

Coming through the mind of multi-instrumentalist Skinny Pelembe is a sound dominant of soul and ethereal melody. Combining electronic tracks with live recordings and carefully hunted samples, the London based artist offers a multi-faceted experience on his upcoming EP Seven Year Curse. What we’re given is a delicate series of rhythms intertwined into this near cosmic blanket, playing with the borders of psychedelia and Afro-soul. Backed by Gilles Peterson’s Arts program for the development of unsigned artists, Skinny Pelembe will be releasing his debut EP next month, a collection of 5 tracks that exist on this surreal crossroad of genres.

On the released single “Should You Go”, SP puts together an incredibly upbeat yet mystical backing, sprinkled down with vocal samples and a textured harmony that comes through with an almost ghostly presence. The strongest element here is the guitar, crafting this beautiful lead rhythm that carries a ton of weight for how light and carefree it sounds. There are these moments where it shines beautifully admist a rush of sonic wave, pulsing along the notes and giving them life. The synths that are used in “Should You Go” are incorporated well and allow the guitar to shine which is where I feel the core of this track resides. This is an EP I’m not only excited about but anxious to see what is released in the future.

Seven Year Curse is due out 09/11 and is available for pre-order here.

Phoebe Bridgers hasn’t forgotten you with “Motion Sickness”

Music connects on a such a deeper level when it seems more as a personal letter that we have somehow obtained. A little musical voyeurism. Though in Phoebe Bridger’s latest track off her forthcoming LP Stranger In The Alps, the alt-country, genre bending songwriter delivers A blissfully beautiful song with “Motion Sickness”, cradled with some of the most blunt and transparent lyrics that’s offered in modern music. Coming off of success from previously released singles and live performances, it’s of no surprise to see this level of confidence and sincerity coming from Bridgers, even drawing the attention of musician Conor Oberst (of solo and Bright Eyes fame) for collaboration on the new album.

There’s enough twangy guitar and rising notes riding in backseat of “Motion Sickness” to show off the clear folk influence, combined with elements of indie rock and shoegaze that mix together on Bridgers palette. While often somber, there are dashes of offbeat humor thrown in with lines like, “Why do you always sing in an English accent?” The chorus is intristically catchy as it never does get weighted down by the emotion that it seeks to evoke but instead rising through it all, shattering the melodrama with a pulsing guitar that wavers like a cut of sheet metal. Her style is fresh and self aware, with its Dinosaur Jr. inspired rhythms tied together with a Weepies-esque tone to make for a debut that is sure to be remembered.

Stranger In The Alps is due out on 09/22 from Dead Ocean and is available for pre-order here.